Eliana Jones

Eliana Jones loves creating memorable events where people connect and new opportunities come to life. She has always liked getting people together, from organising the neighbourhood bonfire at the age of 12, to helping her husband organising a charity event to support refugees and asylum seekers in 2014, and many monthly tertulias as the former President of the Hispanic Society of Victoria.

Eliana has been with Melbourne Filmoteca for two years and was appointed as Director/President at the end of 2016. Besides being on the lookout for new opportunities to connect Filmoteca with the community,  she is also organising the launch of her event management business in October this year.

In her free time, Eliana enjoys going to the movies, eating out, organising parties and events, connecting people and creating a sense of community. She sometimes misses family, friends and food from La Paz, Bolivia, her hometown.